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Comment: I turn 43 this year and have...

asmithame started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Info: Foundation Grants, Charity..."

I turn 43 this year and have a 2.8 year old daughter. I left home at 17 to attend college, but let life get in the way -- until 2005 -- that's when I decided to get my associates degree in Management and Marketing. I graduated last June, and just started classes to earn my BA. I had a working life until I got pregnant with my daughter. Now, I have diminished my small IRA/401k accounts, savings, etc. I still work, but I am worried about future savings -- my daughter is going to college SOME day. Her Dad developed a chronic alcohol problem, is in rehab, and will not be coming back to live with us. I promise her that. I want to live free from financial worry. I pray for guidance, strength and the ability to hear and obey God's voice. If anyone has the ability, I ask for your help. Thank you, April
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